Community Programs

The Foundation has the following major programs that are, for the most part, designed to be delivered electronically as well as in a lecture format. Individuals can participate in a self paced approach in one of our technology labs or remotely from their home. Most of the classes are designed with a hands-on instructor delivering classroom instruction, coaching, testing, and certification. Most of our programs are designed to accommodate both youth, adults, or families. The major categories of our programs are:

1. Refugee Integration and Training Programs
2. Computer Literacy and Digital Divide Programs
3. Job Readiness Programs
4. Financial Literacy Programs
5. Entrepreneurial Training Program

International Programs

The focus of these programs is to facilitate trade and investment between the United States, Africa and the Caribbean region. The Foundation as a result of itís past experience in conducting seminars and conferences in partnership with International Agencies such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Corporation, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation and the US Commerce Department for the benefit of our local community and our clients from the inner cities. The Foundation has also facilitated special successful conferences in cooperation and partnership with several leading Universities such as the University of South Florida, Princeton University, Michigan State University, UCLA, Howard University, New York University and the participation of several ambassadors from Africa on fundamental issues concerning economic and business development which have been received very positively. The Foundation will utilize its vast network of relationships to periodically conduct the following programs for the benefit of our community.

1. How to do Business in Africa Series
2. Trade and Investment Representation
3. Trade, Tourism and Cultural Missions

Future Programs

We plan on organizing the following programs in the near future:

1. Annual Writing Contest
2. Internet Chat Room
3. Sister Schools Program
4. Traveling Around Africa
5. U.S.-Africa Newsletter
6. Business Matchmaking
7. Catalog Representation


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