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Annual Writing Contest

Students in levels K-12 will be able to participate in an annual writing contest by sharing their experiences with others. More information in regards to this topic will be available soon.

Through our website, students will be able to communicate with each other and discuss pre-selected topics related to their everyday lives that will allow them to compare, contrast, and gain an appreciation for their similarities and differences.

In cooperation with pre-selected schools around the State of Florida and eventually around the country, we will facilitate the creation of a Sister Schools Program with schools on the African continent.

This exciting program will offer K-12 schools in the Tampa Bay area access to cultural knowledge on the countries of Africa. Our Resource Center will feature country by country suitcases filled with exciting videos, music, reference materials, sample art, popular dress, instruments (when available), photographs, etc.

A quarterly newsletter designed for distribution among K-12 educators will include information about curriculum development, approaches being used in schools, student projects, educational and other news from Africa, Foundation projects, Education Resource Center additions and other timely information.

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