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Refugee Integration and Training Programs

The US-Africa Free Enterprise Education Foundation is uniquely positioned to deliver refugee integration and assimilation services especially to African immigrants. The organization is founded by an African immigrant and is staffed by several recently arrived refugees. The organization has the cultural knowledge and affinity that will allow it to bridge the cultural gap and to deliver a more effective service. Second the Foundation has several years of experience in programs that have been successful in empowering economically disadvantaged communities in acquiring skills that have enabled them to be productively employed. All these programs will be offered to immigrants based on their qualifications and needs.

The Foundation will deliver these services through collaboration with other service providing agencies in Hillsborough County such as The Lutheran World Service.

Outreach shall be conducted to identify refugee youth or families in crises.

Program Assignment

After the appropriate eligibility determination intake, psychological and school performance assessments have been conducted and the following factors have been considered the Foundation will offer assign the individuals to the appropriate program.

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

The initial IDP shall be completed by the provider for each client and/or family within 45 days of intake and updated no less than monthly.

Career Development Plan

In cooperation with the client, a career development plan will be prepared for each youth age 16 or older within six months of the intake date. The Plan shall be reviewed and updated on a quarterly basis. The Career Development plan shall be maintained in the client file.

Support and Intervention Services

Support and intervention services shall be provided to assist the client with meeting the goals in his/her Individual Development Plan. Pre/post testing based on the Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale will be used for youth activities and the FACES III (Family Adaptability and Cohesion Evaluation) will be utilized in the parenting activates.

Structured Cultural, Recreational and Mentoring Activities

Mentors do a variety of activities based on the refugees’ needs and the mentor’s interests and abilities.

Coordinating School Linkage

Experienced counselors will coordinate with schools where there are large numbers of eligible refugee youth.

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