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-South Africa


She is the proud ancestral home of more than 30 million Americans and millions more spread across all sectors of the globe.

She holds 700 million people or 10% of the world's population spread across 53 countries making it the second least densely populated area in the world.

She is an aggressively transforming market that has grown 3 fold with the U.S., 7 fold with Latin America, and 12 fold with Asia within the past two decades.

She has by far, the highest average rate of return on investment to businesses in the last 14 years and home of the majority of global strategic mineral resources.

She is a U.S. export market that is 54% greater than the NIS of the former Soviet Union. U.S. export growth in the first six months of 1995 is running at a robust 20% rate.

She has flourishing stock markets which ranked in the top 10 in 1994.

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