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Africa is the last frontier. She embodies our vices, virtues, endurance, and hopes. She tantalizes our hunger for adventure, our spirit for healing, and longing for our past. But most of all, she reflects our capacity to conquer our fears.

+ Africa is the “first” continent and the “last” continent . . . [ click for more ]

“First” in the sense that archeological evidence shows that Africa witnessed the birth and evolution of human kind, thus earning her the name “Mother Africa.

In some respects, she is also the “last” continent to fully realize the full benefits of human civilization which she participated in building.

Mother Africa covers almost 12 million square miles of the Earth’s surface and has a population of more than 700 million or 10% of the world. She is one of the least densely populated continents. Her mineral reserves are immense and comprise the majority of the world’s reserves in such important strategic minerals as gold, diamonds, cobalt, tantalum, phosphate, chromium and germanium. Also, Africa holds more than a quarter of the world’s reserves in many other minerals and energy sources.

Africa also has a rich cultural history. Her civilizations have influenced children from all sectors of the Glove. She has the strength to endure pain and devastation of cataclysmic proportions.

The emergence of the United States as a global power after the Second World War gave birth to a spirit of freedom which substantially removed the institutions of colonization from the continent and provided the foundation for a new, promising, and hopeful future. The Organization of Africa Unity and Economic Commission for Africa, inspired by some enlightened African leaders, were created and began their work.

Unfortunately, this pose Second World War euphoria gradually turned into a victim of global super power competition. Communism, Socialism, and corrupt military dictatorships became the order of the day in most African countries. These systems and regimes caused physical, cultural, institutional, and psychological devastation. The consequences still reverberate to this day.

With the collapse of communism, the only remaining superpower and its western allies declared victory and went back home to balance their checkbooks, leaving behind the unfinished business of winning the real war, which is the conquest of the hearts and minds of the people on the virtues and benefits of enlightened free enterprise and democracy. The dawn of the 21st century has set yet another stage for a new beginning. The last vestiges of apartheid have been lifted and new hope has risen in South Africa. Several African countries have begun to demonstrate enlightened leadership by moving away from the vestiges of Communism by implementing political and economic reforms that will open opportunities, and by uniting people no matter what their religion, race of ethnic background.

When the cold war ended, President Bush spoke to us about the New World Order and the Thousand Points of Light, daring us to raise our spirits and hears to the challenge. President Clinton has inspired us to commit ourselves, and those around us, not to fall victims to the messages of ethnic, religions, and racial division, but to embrace a global village with promising prospects for all of us. Both of these leaders have tried to appeal to our hearts and minds to pick up the mantel on this unfinished business and to create a long shining moment in the eyes of Mother Africa and in her children all around the globe.

We are picking up the mantel, for it is only when Lions have Historians that hunters will cease to be heroes.

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